Pakistani mango must allow irradiating locally to start viable export for USA; Jawad

Islamabad: Pakistani exporters are abandoning much-publicised mango exports to the United States because US requirements made profit margins too narrow.

Director Harvest Tradings Ahmad Jawad has stated this in a press statement issued on Wednesday. He said that season around the corner, expats living in the US might, once again, wonder whether they will be able to buy Pakistani mangoes from their local grocery stores this year. Unfortunately the short answer would be no excepted few tons shipments only in one or two cities.

I think Pakistani officials in US were not feeling the seriousness of this matter with the trade of the largest importer of mangoes with an annual demand of around 200,000 tons a year; he added.

Although Pakistan has its own irradiation plant in Lahore with a name of M/s Paras Foods under joint venture of Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) with its annual processing capacity of 60,000 tons, but it has not been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, Which needs to be taking up on war footing basis?

A pre-clearance might have been the other option. However they might believe preclearance program is not possible at this time because it requires a USDA inspector to be present in Pakistan for the entire season and carry out various inspections; I think this would only raise the costs for exporters; Jawad said.

Jawad also said USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) officials must accept that Pakistani mango processing in the United States is not possible, because transport costs are high, the result should be sent to Chicago for treatment, and then sends them to other cities. On the other hand, Mango exports from India to the US are likely to increase by 42 per cent to 400 tons this year on strong demand, according to the Indian government body APEDA.

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