Pakistani missing man found in Indian Jail: Burney

March 5, 2016 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Ansar Burney Trust International’s Chairman, Ansar Burney sent urgent letters to India’s Prime Minister, Foreign and Interior Ministers with the request to release and send back Pakistani missing national Irfan who was missing after Samjhota Express blast in 2007 and now found in an Indian Ambala jail after nine years.

Burney said that Pakistan’s 23-year-old Irfan had went to Delhi in February 2007 to make purchases for his coaching computer centre in Pakistan. While Mohammad Irfan was returning home when a blast and fire ripped through Samjhauta Express. He was since declared “missing” as nobody saw him after that day, nor did his family’s DNA match any of the victims.

After nine years, his family was told of a prisoner in Punjab’s jail, sentenced to four years under the Passport Act after the blasts but languishing there since, and now mentally ill.

Burney further said that Mohammed Irfan was travelling from Delhi to Attari on on a Samjhota Express with a ticket number 391734. Irfan held a Pakistani passport number KE 685195. He was injured in the blast and admitted to a hospital in Panipat. Later, he was arrested on Foreigners Act and sentenced for four years on a crime he never committed. Burney thanked activist Ashok Randhawa in finding Irfan’s presence in Jail. Burney requested with India to release Irfan and to send him to Pakistan without any further delay.