Pakistan’s position is strong than India to get seat in Security Council: Abdul Basit

January 26, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Lahore: Pakistan’s credentials to win permanent seat in UN Security Council are stronger than that of India.

In a statement issued here, former Chairman of Pakistan Poultry Association Abdul Basit said that Muslims are 23% of the global population against Hindus that are only 13.8% of the world population.

He said that Pakistan, being the only Nuclear Muslim State, is rightful contender for a place in top decision making arm of United Nations. All other permanent five members are nuclear powers.

He also called for reformation of the apex world body that has been working without proper Muslims representation since its very inception.

He said that Pakistan for being a representative of more than 23 percent of the total world population deserves a permanent seat in United Nations Security Council than India that represents only 13.8 percent of the world Hindu population.

He said that 57 members of OIC already comprised the biggest voting block at the United Nations.

Abdul Basit said that in coming years, the Muslim population was likely to cross a quarter of the planet population therefore keeping it away from Security Council would be sheer injustice.

He said that the United Nations top decision making body currently has five permanent veto wielding members – The US, Britain, Franc, China and Russia and 10 non-permanent members serving for two years period each.

Abdul Basit said that though India was utilizing all energies to get permanent membership of United Nation’s Security Council but it would be better for the world powers to ensure balance of power in South Asia.

He said that Pakistan is a peaceful country and has played frontline ally of the United States in war against terrorism. Therefore it was duty of the United States to compensate Pakistan and do it a favor to get permanent membership of United Nation’s Security Council.

He said that severe impact of terrorism on Pakistan’s people as well as the economy has affected all the spheres of life. “Pakistan is particularly in the eye of storm for the last 10 years because of terrorism, which has not only affected it but also the entire region,” he said.

Speaking about Pakistan’s frontline role in the global war on terror, he said we had lost over 30,000 civilians and more than 9,000 security personnel in the war on terror. Besides, he said, the country had caused a loss of $70 billion to the economy.

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