PALPA condemns attack on Karachi airport

KARACHI: President of the Pakistan Air Line Pilots’ Association (PALPA), Captain Amir Hashmi, on behalf of its Executive Committee and the PIA Pilot Community, condemned the terrible attack on Karachi airport, while lauding the efforts of the law enforcement agencies in handling the matter with courage and care for the safety of the lives of passengers and others trapped in the premises of the airport.

On Sunday, June 08, ten militants reportedly launched an attack using sophisticated weaponry and explosives on Terminal 1 of the country’s busiest airport killing more than nine people including seven Airport Security Force (ASF) personnel. According to reports, at least one aircraft that was stationed at the cargo area of the airport was also damaged during the attack. After several hours of intense exchange of fire, the ASF, assisted by Pakistan Army, Rangers and the Police, were able to eliminate all the militants and hand over the airport to the Civil Aviation Authority for operational clearance by Monday afternoon.

“PALPA condemns the cowardly attack on the airport and the loss of lives. The brave personnel of the ASF who lost their lives during the operation are national heroes and will be remembered as martyrs. Their sacrifice for the people of Pakistan will never be forgotten. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the families and friends of the deceased,” said Captain Hashmi.

He also hoped that the attack should not make things difficult for passengers and pilots who were scheduled to travel in this period.

“What usually happens after such attacks is that scrutiny of the regular passengers, cabin crew and pilots increases. They are put through several checks and processes. I hope that those responsible are punished and the civilians are not affected by it during their travels,” he said. “We urge all concerned authorities to take all required measures to prevent such attacks in the future. In this regard, and our record reveals that PALPA is always available for assistance as and when needed during such situations.”

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