PALPA postpones protest till Friday

October 6, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pakistan Airline Pilots’ Association (Palpa) has called off its protest today after meeting the Senate Standing Committee which guaranteed that its demands will be negotiated and accepted as per law, says a release.

‘We have decided to honour the words of Senate’s Standing committee and its Chairman Senator Talha Mahmood and called off our protest till Friday 2 PM. Now, Secretary Aviation would hold talks with us and report back to the committee,’ said President Palpa Amir Hashmi.

He added that Senator Talha has admitted that our demands are just and right, and then he requested us to give PIA and aviation division some time to resolve the issue.

‘We have already been doing our best not to disturb Hajj Operation and we refused to operate only those flights that did not have double crew as required by the aviation rules and regulation prevailing under PIA PALPA working agreement. This time again we accepted the request of the standing committee and decided to give more time to aviation division to find solution of this issue,’ added Amir.

Amir said we are hopeful that Secretary Aviation would come up with some solution and our demands would be met. ‘Our demands are just and fair. We are demanding fair treatment from the management while staying in the legal parameters,’ added Amir.

He added that the spokesman of aviation division and Chairman PIA claimed that Palpa demands money and seniority of pilots as per their wishes but the fact is that we demand rule of law.

‘The Chairman PIA and the spokesman of aviation division also told the media that Palpa wants removal of Director Flight Operation, approval of Working Agreement, and seniority of pilots as per their wishes,’ added Amir.

He added their demand of approval of Working Agreement is just because this is the legal document both the parties have agreed on in past for better working relations and protecting interests of both the pilots and the national airline.

Similarly, he added, the management should streamline its promotion policy on the seniority basis. ‘This is another injustice being done to the pilots’ community. We suggest the management should appoint a judge of Supreme Court to prepare the promotion policy as per law,’ added Amir.

‘We were also accused of demanding the removal of DFO. The actual story is that we demand that all the employees of the airline holding positions while on LPR should be removed,’ added Amir.

‘This is not an illegal demand because as per laws and regulations of the airline no employee on LPR can hold any position for more than three months,’ he added.

President Palpa said their demands are within the parameters of rules and regulations of the airline, hence completely legal and fair. We hope that our demands are accepted to prevent matters from worsening further,’ added Amir.

PALPA has been following the rules in performing their duties and had refused to push the working limits as it is against the rules specially the working agreement signed between Palpa and PIA in 2011, the agreement covers aviation rules for 2 years while it is renewed as per mutual consent. This year however the management refused to hold talks on the agreement draft which prompted the Palpa to issue notice to the airline and start flying operations as per rules only.

The campaign disrupted around 120 flights in 6 days while inflicting huge financial loss on the airline whose management initially refused to listen to the demands and initially didn’t even participate in talks held at aviation division on 5th Oct 2015.