PALPA refuses apologizing for writing to IFALPA

October 19, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: President Pakistan Airline Pilots’ Association (PALPA) Aamir Hashmi said on Tuesday that he would not appologise for writing a letter to International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Association (IFALPA) regarding Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) injustice with Pakistan Airline (PIA) pilots; however, he had withdrawn the letter.

“We are associated with that international organization and we can openly discuss our issues with them. We have only told IFALPA what we faced,” he said. He said the senate standing committee had cleared PALPA of any objection and only CAA wanted them to apologise which they would not.

On the other hand, spokesman Aviation Division said PALPA had agreed in the meeting before the senate standing committe that they would withdraw their emails sent to IFALPA in which they had used derogatory language against Pakistan’s premier regulatory organization, Civil Aviation Authority, to downgrade it and also apologize for this act. The draft had been given to them which they had not signed as yet.

“Instead of apologising, PALPA office-bearers are leveling baseless allegations on Aviation Division through media which is unfortunate,” he said. Aviation Division expects PALPA office-bearers to behave in a responsible and mature manner, the spokesman said.