Parents flay increase in fees, demand action against private school, tuition centre mafias

September 14, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Parents belonging to different parts of the metropolis on Tuesday held a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club against fees hike by the private schools.

A large number of parents, carrying placards and banners raised slogans against arbitrarily increased fees by private schools and lack of Sindh government’s interest towards solving the issue.

Talking to PPI, a TV actor Humayun Naaz said hiking fees is an educational terrorism by the private schools which has put parents in great distress. He said every year the school management increases fees and violate the rules but the education department of Sindh government act like a silent spectator. He demanded that as investigation institutes and law enforcement agencies are taking action against the corrupt and criminal elements, they should take action against the private school and tuition centre mafia, which is fleecing innocent citizens. He said well-known professors of government colleges are running very profitable coaching centres and private schools which is an illegal act but the government does not take any action on this mega corruption.

Another protector Faraz Ahmed said parents of 36 private schools have participated in the protest against enhancement in fees. He said school management has raised fees by 17% to 25% which is unbearable for majority of parents. He said his only one daughter is enrolled in a school and his pocket does not allow to pay the raised school fees.

Zeeshan, also a father of schoolchildren, said school management has sent him fee hike notification. He said there is no any check and balance on this white collar mafia by the government.

Ms Irfan said it the responsibility of the government to provide free basic education like other countries of the world. She said on the one side the quality education is a serious issue while on the other hand increase in fees has forced many parents to go for cancellation of admission of their children.

Another mother, Farheen, said private school managements are only concerned to maximize their profit. She said if this tradition of raising fees remains continued then more and more parents can opt not to sent their children to schools.