Parents welcome action against helmet-less bikers

June 7, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Though many young people are not happy on bold action of Karachi police against helmet-less bikers, but the parents wholeheartedly have welcomed the decision and lauded Karachi police as well as Sindh government for taking this long-awaited decision.

Bikers are prone to fatal traffic accidents in Karachi as they often receive serious head injuries. With action against helmet-less bikers many lives could be saved. In all civilized countries, the bikers have not only to wear crash helmets, but also hand gloves, long boots and safety jackets and traffic police heavily fine the violators.

In Karachi police is only charging Rs150 fine to a biker if he is found not wearing a crash helmet. This fine needs to be raised. Moreover, the government should ensure selling of helmets in all utility stores on concessional rates on emergency basis to facilitate the bikers, suggest some parents.