Pasban decries ‘partiality’ of Karachi police

December 8, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has alleged that what he called ‘partiality’ of Karachi police has been harming the ongoing Karachi operation and ‘white lies’ of police must be stopped.

Addressing an emergency press conference in Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Wednesday, he regretted that the department of police has already lost its credibility. Continuing lies of police in Usman Moazzam case are another example in this regard, he said.

Altaf Shakoor said Pasban was and is the staunchest support of Karachi operation and would continue to support the brave efforts of our law enforcers who have been laying great sacrifices for giving Karachiites peace and tranquillity. However, some black sheep in police are bent to jeopardize this great cause.

He asked if the police are telling the truth than who is responsible for arresting Usman Moazzam from his home, keeping him as a missing person for one month and 10 days and later keeping him in a sub jail of LEAs for three months? He asked who is responsible for the arrest of his son Mohammad Siddiqui and keeping him as a missing person for four months and 20 days? He said these are the discrepancies why the most popular and widely operation in Karachi may face doubts from the citizens.

Altaf Shakoor asked if the cases against Usman Moazzam and his son were aimed at to punish the Pasban for its demand to make new administrative units in whole country on division level including Karachi. Our others crimes are, he claimed, that Pasban had challenged the military courts and criticized the support of other political parties to the PPO. He said Pasban had also protested against “stamp mafia” that rigs elections every time.

On the occasion, the wife of Usman Moazzam, Suboohi Usman said her husband has been known for last 23 years as a respectable social activist, who emerged on the political horizon when Pasban was registered as a political party in the year 2014. She said her husband has already taken part in the by-polls of NA-246 on the ticket of Pasban with the election symbol of “balloon”.

She asserted that both her husband, and her sons are innocent. She said her elder son Saad Siddiqui went missing on 11th June. Her husband Usman Moazzam informed the Samanabad police and finding no justice filed a constitutional petition (3656/2015) in the Sindh High Court. He was pursuing this case when on the night between 19th and 20th July, he was arrested from his house along with his other son Mohammad Siddiqui. She said one could feel the agony of a woman whose husband and two sons are whisked away. She said against these arrests she has already filed petition (4352/ 2015).

However, Altaf Shakoor asked that when Usman Moazzam along with son Mohammad Siddiqui remained in the custody of rangers from the night of 20th July and the rangers handed him to police on 28th November and his son Mohammad Siddiqui on 5th December, how it was possible that police probes from Usman Moazzam and in its light raids somewhere to arrest his son Mohammad Siddiqui. He said how it is possible that the police first claims an encounter and then announce the arrest of Mohammad Siddiqui and in the light of investigation from Mohammad Siddiqui lodges another case against Usman Moazzam just one day before the expiry of its previous remand and gets a fresh remand.

He regretted that to justify one lie police is continually creating more and more lies; ignoring that these lies cause the murder of justice. He demanded of the concerned authorities to immediacy release Usman Moazzam and dole out justice to his distressed family.

Senior Pasban leaders Tariq Jameel, Aftabuddin Qureshi, Abdul Hakim Quaid, Rambeel Khan, Tariq Chandi Walla, Sardar Zulfiqar and others were also present.