Pasban sees unbridled corruption breaking all records

June 18, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Pasban e President Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Thursday said the ruling politicians and opposition in Sindh are least concerned about the problems faced by poor masses and unbridled corruption had broken all past records in the province.

He said a very responsible institution has reported that more than Rs230 billion are earned by corrupt politicians and mafias through land grabbing, extortion, bribery and commission culture every year and this huge amount is used for funding the criminal and terrorists activities.

He said not only the criminal mafias of Karachi are involved in this scam but also many politicians of rural areas are also involved in this grave crime. He said people have got nothing from the internal conflicts of these corrupt politicians and their parties, as they only fight for their petty vested interests and not for the rights of poor masses.

Shakoor said in Karachi the problems of land grabbing, China cutting, extortion, water tanker mafia, load shedding, joblessness, price hike, gunny-bag-packed dead bodies, kidnappings, target killings and corruption in every sector are haunting the poor masses. He said the spineless politicians and their parties are looting the nation and country with impunity.

He said the responsibility of security establishment is to guard the national borders. However, due to the corruption and inability of our sham politicians Pakistan has witnessed several interferences into civilian governments, and democracy was derailed several times. He alleged the government of Sindh had broken all past records of corruption. He said the rulers and opposition are not serious in solving the problems of the people of Sindh. He said the people are now fed up with corrupt politicians and they would reject them in the coming polls.

Pasban leader demanded that stern action be taken against corruption mafia irrespective of their social or political status. He said there is a need to support brave, patriotic, young alternate leadership. He said Pasban e Pakistan would provide this much needed leadership to the masses of Pakistan so that their lingering problems could be resolved. He said they have always raised voice for the downtrodden people and continue to play this role in future.

He said this is why now Pasban e Pakistan is taking deep roots in the localities of labour, working class people and poor masses. He said it is high time that the corruption, VIP culture and unjust system based on exploitation of Pakistani should be ended for good and new society is formed with uphold of law and constitution.