Pasban supports upcoming anti-govt marches

August 6, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI:Pasban-e-Pakistan leader Altaf Shakoor, extending full support to “Independence March, and Revolution March”, has said those marches should aim at holding free and fair elections on their schedule and solve the problems of masses, and they must not be used to topple the sitting government.

Addressing a press conference at Pasban Secretariat, Dhoraji Colony, here Thursday, he said it was the time to raise a strong voice from Pakistan for oppressed people of Gaza, but the ruling and opposition politicians were busy in conflict and hence Pakistan was not playing its ideological role on the issue of Israeli bombardment on Gaza.

He said there was no doubt that the government had failed to deliver, but it was not prudent to invite army. He said running a government in style of kings was a sign of failure. He said lodging case against Qadri and vendetta-based steps against the workers of Imran Khan and the Independence March would further worsen the matters.

Shakoor said people were not concerned with just change of faces, but they want peace, employment and justice. He said peaceful protest was the constitutional right of people.

He said his party, Pasban-e-Pakistan, was recently registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). He said in the present scenario the stance of his party was balanced and as per the aspirations of masses.

“Pasban-e-Pakistan announces to strongly support the Independence March of Tahreek-e-Insaf and Revolution March of Pakistan Awami Tahreek. We want to tell the nation that Imran and Qadri through their marches should not try to destabilize the sitting government, but instead to ensure free and fair polls. He said the toppling of government through protest is a death of peoples’ mandate and democracy. It would also pave way for dictatorship.”

He said this struggle should be focused on solving the problems of people and holding the general elections free and fair on their schedule, and for this purpose establishing an independent Election Commission of Pakistan.

Shakoor said the present government had failed to solve the problems of people. Corruption, price hike, joblessness, shortage of water, electricity load shedding and the murder of merit are on the rise. Running the government in style of kings is a sure sign of its failure. He said if God forbid the present protest marches resulted in a martial law it would be hard luck for both politicians and the nation.”

He suggested that Khan and Qadri instead of solo flights should take the whole opposition in confidence.

Pasban-e-Pakistan leader strongly condemned government’s vendetta-based steps against the workers of Khan and Qadri. He advised the government to show tolerance and correct its own shortcomings.

He appealed to the protest leaders not to further the agenda of anti-democracy elements, so that Pakistan once again should not face a martial law regime.

He said Pasban-e-Pakistan demands from the government to set up an independent election commission after consultation with the opposition, which should chalk out an electoral system that can give Pakistani people a true representative democratic government.

Pasban asked the government to focus on solving the real problems of people, end corruption, uphold merit and shun nepotism.

Pasban-e-Pakistan general secretary Usman Moazam, senior vice presidents Rafiq Khaskheli, Aftabuddin Qureshi, vice presidents Abdul Hakim Quaid, Zameer Ahmed, Tariq Chandi-walla and Pasban Karachi chapter president Shaikh Shakeel were also present.

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