Patharas back on roads as Eid shopping in full swing

September 21, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Patharas or encroachments of roadside vendors have occupied many important roads and streets in the city as the Eid shopping is in full swing.

In Saddar area where anti-encroachment cell of KMC carry out ‘operations’ off and on is teemed with Patharas, creating crippling traffic jams. However, no official, camp or vehicle of anti-encroachment cell is seen in the area. It is observed that after noon, Pathara holders are allowed to occupy roads and footpaths till midnight. They get this immunity not as a goodwill gesture but they pay heavy bribes to corrupt officials for doing business on roads and footpaths.

Citizens have requested Sindh chief minister and Sindh governor to declare whole Saddar from New Preedy Street to Regal Chowk and from Lucky Star to M A Jinnah Road as ‘No parking zone’ and order anti-encroachment cell to lodge FIRs against encroachers of footpaths and roads and arrest them for breaking civic laws.