PFUJ disowns advertisement for housing scheme

September 1, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists has stated that it has nothing to do with an advertisement appearing in some newspapers regarding a housing scheme for journalists, namely Journalists City Islamabad.

In a statement, PFUJ President Rana Azeem and Secretary General Amin Yousuf stated that the PFUJ has neither initiated any housing scheme in any part of the country nor has signed any agreement with anyone in this regard.

Journalists City Islamabad is totally an individual act of some people and and PFUJ would not in any manner be responsible for any deeds of such individuals who have published this advertisement for Journalists City Islamabad.

In a clarification, the PFUJ said that following publication of such the advertisement, senior journalists gave their reaction and asked the PFUJ to clarify its position.

Azeem and Yousuf stated that if PFUJ initiates any such project, it would seek due approval from the Federal Executive Council.