PM (Its time to show magnanimity and political maturity, PM)

July 26, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif chaired a high level consultative meeting with cabinet members and political leadership of PML(N).

Speaking on the occasion the prime minster expressed that after the report of the inquiry commission and reaction of the political forces on the report a way forward for the stability and strength of the political and democratic system is to be charted out.

The Prime Minister urged the cabinet members to high light the findings of the inquiry commission. The PM desired that process of Electoral Reforms may be expedited to make the future elections fair and transparent in all respects.

The Prime Minister said that PML(N) has been vindicated in its mandate and would work for the strengthening of the institutions, Constitution and good governance.

The Prime Minister directed the cabinet members and political leadership of PML(N) to reach out to the public and take them in confidence for the positive and development oriented vision of PML(N) which would make the country politically stable and economically viable.

The Prime Minister said that its now time to show magnanimity and political maturity by all the stakeholders of democracy so that the precious time of Pakistani nation is not wasted in frivolous disputes and petty squabbles.

The Prime Minister further expressed that he believed in the politics of values rather than the politics of power. He said that its high time that we focus our efforts on strengthening of the democratic process with the support of all the political leadership of the country.