PM unable to use opportunity of forwarding Pakistan’s case: Mazari

July 10, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Dr Shireen Mazari, MNA, member NA Standing Committee on Foreign Relations on Friday expressed dismay over the manner in which Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appeased India in his meeting with the Indian PM, says a press release.

At a time when the Indian leadership is actively targeting Pakistan in all international forums, from the UNSC to the BRICS and SCO Summits, the Pakistani PM was unable to use the opportunity to put forward Pakistan’s case, especially in relation to terrorism and Indian involvement in the same especially in Balochistan.

Even more shameful, at a time when the Indian leadership is actively sabotaging the CPEC and hurling all manner of accusations against Pakistan as well as seeking sanctions against it, PM Nawaz Sharif goes beyond the requirements of diplomatic protocol by issuing an invitation to Modi to attend the SAARC Summit in Pakistan in 2016 – providing the Indians an opportunity to play Modi’s acceptance of the same as reflecting the Indian PM as “a man of peace”.

Mazari explained that this invitation was unnecessary, as the same would have gone out as a matter of routine for such Summits.

The unfortunate result of PM Nawaz Sharif’s appeasing approach towards a belligerent PM Modi has also allowed India to exploit the international media, which is focusing on Modi’s new “man of peace” image.

Sadly, while the Indian foreign ministry and media have taken the initiative to define the narrative of the Sharif-Modi meeting, our foreign office and information department have been caught napping again.

Mazari pointed out that it was equally disturbing to witness the Pakistani PM’s absolute silence on Kashmir and Indian involvement in Balochistan while Modi raised Mumbai and Sharif agreed to “fast track” the investigations.

Not a word on Samjhota Express was uttered either by PM Sharif. Mazari said that everyone wanted peace and stability in the region and it cannot be achieved without détente between Pakistan and India, but peace cannot be achieved through appeasement – as history has shown only too often.

It has to be premised on mutual respect and conflict resolution. The present Indian leadership has shown no inclination towards either – as it is pursuing a belligerent course against Pakistan on all forums including actively seeking to sabotage the CPEC.

That the Pakistani PM did little to expose these aggressive Indian designs and counter India’s attacks against Pakistan at the BRICS and SCO Summits reveals either a lack of preparedness on foreign policy by PML-N or a questionable agenda of the government, according to Mazari.