PMA demands representation in PMDC’s upcoming body

September 15, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Secretary General, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Dr Mirza Ali Azhar, on Wednesday demanded of the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination to give representation to the PMA in new upcoming body of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC).

This he said while addressing a press conference at PMA House here. Treasurer PMA Centre Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad was also present on this occasion. He said PMA is the largest recognized organization of the doctors in the country and a big stakeholder in the field of medical education, patient care, health policy and the rights of the doctors. Hence, PMA demands that by virtue of its position, the organization should be given a representation by nominating one person in the next council of PMDC.

He said due to continuous efforts by PMA and support of media, the illegal and unconstitutional body of PMDC had been dissolved through Presidential Ordinance. He said a notification was also issued to form a management committee comprising five members to perform the duties in accordance with the provision of the ordinance and hold free and fair elections to form the new body. This management committee will finish its job in 120 days.

He suggested the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination will start smooth process of restructuring of PMDC. He said first and last concern of the interim management committee is to conduct the free and fair elections, without any conflict of interest.

He said activities of the management committee and the PMDC staff should be legal and transparent and mainly focus on free, fair and transparent elections. The management committee should not deviate from its mandate.

He said beside this, persons in the Ministry who aided and abetted persons who were not even members of the Council to occupy offices in PM&DC from 20-3-2014 to 28-08-2015 promulgation of Ordinance 2015 must be identified and exposed.

Dr Mirza said persons in PMDC office who colluded and aided in the corrupt illegal practices by so-called president and one a very powerful member of council must be identified and brought to justice, while all illegal actions and harassment of the doctors done by the previous regime should be identified and rectified.

To make the process of election more participative, he demanded that all the pending applications for the renewal of PMDC registration should be sorted out immediately and all those doctors who are willing to renew their PMDC registration should be facilitated to do so.

He said PMA Pak-China Medical Congress will be held from 08th to 10th January 2016 at Karachi Marriott Hotel and Arts Council Pakistan. He said preparations for this mega event are in full swing and we are in touch with Chinese Medical Association. He said PMA expects a very large number of medical specialists will attend this congress.

Dr Sajjad urged the health experts to submit their abstracts in Pakistan Medical Association before 15th November for Pak China Medical Congress.