PMA for coordinated efforts to check heatstroke cases

June 23, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association has urged the Ulema, media and doctors to take coordinated efforts for preventing fatal cases of heat-stroke across the Sindh province.

Pakistan Medical Association (Center) Secretary General Mirza Ali Azhar while talking PPI said Ulema through their speeches and Friday-sermons should convey their messages to general public especially elderly people to avoid observing fast in case their health condition does not allow them to do so. He said elderly people and children are most vulnerable of seasonal severity and diseases; therefore, preventive measures were necessary to avoid such diseases.

He said doctor community and media should also play their role in creating awareness among general public about heat-stroke is caused by scorching heat and its related complications. He said people who are suffering from any disease must observe the fast after consultation with a doctor. He said coordinated efforts are needed to overcome this human tragedy.

He on behalf of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) expressed deep sorrow and grief over deaths from heat-stroke and said this human tragedy could have been avoided if load-shedding and shortage of water supply were managed properly in Karachi by the government.

Dr Mirza explained that heatstroke occurs when your body’s thermostat cannot keep your body cool as extremely warm and humid temperatures can quickly overwhelm your body’s cooling system particularly when the air is not circulating properly.

He said heatstroke is a condition that occurs after exposure to excessive heat and it is considered to be the most severe of the heat-related illnesses. He said prolonged exposure to the sun cuases heatstroke.

He strongly criticized the government for its failure to end energy crisis in summer season, adding the short supply of water in the city has also increased the miseries of citizen in this hot weather.