Politicians not sincere to electoral reforms

September 9, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Politicians are not sincere to electoral reforms and they want to continue the status quo as it serves best their vested interests and to bring a real and meaningful change it is a must to introduce proportional electorate system and hold local government polls without further delay, said Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor in a statement here Wednesday.

“All three major political parties, Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian (PPPP), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PIT) do not want serious and meaningful electoral reforms, albeit paying lip-service to the slogan of polls reforms,” he said.

He said: “These three big political parties are teemed with feudal lords who never want to hand over power to people at grassroots level.” He said those elite families had enslaved the masses of Pakistan for the last 67 years and were engaged in their cruel exploitation, economically, socially and politically.”

“We welcome that at least these politicians are now talking about the electoral reforms, but no reforms could be sustainable till the Pakistani politics is freed from the strong clutches of powerful feudal class.”

This needs a new brave alternate political leadership which can come forward after holding local body polls, he said. Shakoor said those political parties ruled by feudal lords were afraid of holding the local government elections because they knew the polls would ultimately introduce a new, brave, patriotic alternate political leadership.

Shakoor said to strengthen the democratic system in Pakistan, we have to strengthen the political culture and promote real representatives of masses. He said it was high time that Pakistani masses themselves participate in political process and choose their real representative, ditching exploitative political class of feudal lords, industrialists and tycoons who used the politics not for the welfare of masses but to maximize their own profits.

He said Pasban-e-Pakistan was emerging fast as the real political representative of the poor masses of Pakistan gaining popularity in masses. He said his party would fully participate in the coming local government elections. He demanded bringing real political reforms in Pakistan with main components of proportionate electorate system and regular local government elections as per the constitution of Pakistan.

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