Politicians urged to shun conflict

August 11, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Hyderabad: Pasban e Pakistan leaders have said that the politician should understand the hidden game and instead of discrediting politics and politicians should try to solve the basic problems of masses and keep the agenda of transparent elections on top of their priority.

Addressing a protest demo outside Hyderabad Press Club (HPC) here on Tuesday Pasban e Pakistan senior vice president Rafique Ahmed Khaskheli, Pasban Sindh chapter chief organizer Khalil Ahmed Palari and deputy organizer Saleem Cheema said there is dire need of electoral reforms and solving lingering issues of provision of electricity, water, jobs and ending lawlessness. They said the politicians should forge unity on the occasion of Independence Day.

They said division and disunity would not give anything to the political parties and politicians. It is useless to repeat the politicians of 1990 era. It needs to introduce proportionate election system to end the rule of feudal lords and ‘kings’. This could be only done when we give chance to new, brave, alternate leadership.

The Pasban leaders said with martial law or so-called national government the democracy in Pakistan could not be strengthened and neither the country could get a political stability. They said the political leaders should know that today millions of people are living beneath the poverty line, deprived of even basic necessities of life. They need clean water, jobs, electricity, education, health and rule of law. These poor people had always relied on the hollow promises of traditional politicians and took part in their rallies and protests. They faced police baton charges, teargas shelling and bullets and always laid sacrifices for democracy. They said why the politicians are at loss to understand that due to their rifts ‘third forces’ always take benefits.

They said on the occasion of the Independence Day the present sad situation has baffled whole nation. They advised that instead of fighting with each other the politicians should show maturity and forge unity to get the problems of poor masses resolved. Pasban leaders Sharif Gul Khaskheli, Shafiq Qureshi and others were also present.

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