Polling process completed in Shikarpur amid some clashes

October 30, 2015 Off By Web Desk

SHIKARPUR: The local government (LG) elections 2015 process began at 7:30 AM in Shikarpur district, which was completed at 5:30 PM on Saturday as per scheduled time by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

According to reports, more than 42 persons were wounded in the clashes that took place between the rival groups during the polling at about more than 15 polling stations including polling stations Chatoo Odho of Taluka Garhi Yasin, Pir Bakhsh Shujrah of Taluka Khanpur, Piyao Jatoi of Taluka Khanpur, Qaim Khan Wadhiyo of Taluka Garhi Yasin, Nim Sharif of Taluka Garhi Yasin, Amil of Taluka Lakhi Ghulam Shah, Qadir Bakhsh Pahore of Taluka Khanpur, Sher Khan of Taluka Khanpur, Fatah Tando of Taluka Lakhi Ghulam Shah, Shikarpur city ward No. 22 Dawan Shah Mohalla, Tharo Pur Allah Abad city Shikarpur, High School No. 02 shikarpur and other polling stations in district Shikarpur. Besides the polling process was stopped at many of the polling stations after the clashes occurred; however, it was resumed again after the gap of some hours.

The injured were referred to nearby hospitals for medical treatment. No loss of life and property was reported from the affected areas. Assistant Presiding Officer (APO) Shahmir Abbasi was reported involved in casting bogus votes at polling station Dakhan. He was taken to police custody.

The security measures were intensified at all the polling station areas in the district with deployment of 5000 policemen, 1400 rangers men and 400 army personnel. According to election authorities Shikarpur, there are 521119 registered voters including 276975 male and 244144 female voters to avail the right of votes.

Besides 452 Presiding Officers, 2442 Assistant Presiding Officers and 1415 Poling Officers were appointed by the election authorities Shikarpur to conduct the election in District Shikarpur.

The counting of the votes was in process till filing this news.