’Poor maintenance of Staff Flag House shame for Pakistanis’

November 22, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Expressing serious concerns on poor maintenance of the Staff Flag House, Pakistan Muslim League- Quaid e Azam (PML-Q) Sindh chapter president Haleem Adil Sheikh on Monday said it is a shame for the Pakistani nation that their government is even not able to carry out routine cleanliness of the residence of the father of the nation.

During his visit to the Staff Flag House, Sheikh said even the national flags hoisted on the Staff Flag House were badly worn-out and he himself replaced them with new national flags. He said poor sanitary condition and worn-out national flags at the Staff Flag House, which has been converted into Quaid e Azam Museum, were another cruel joke of the sitting rulers with the Pakistani nation. He said if the government lacks funds to replace only six flags at the Staff Flag House, he as a proud Pakistani is ready to take this responsibility and he would visit here every month to replace the national flags at this museum. He said he is also ready to pay the salaries of the sanitary staff and gardeners of the Staff Flag House, because keeping this national museum in such a sorry condition is a national crime.

He said Quaid e Azam gave us Pakistan and our government is not ready to spend a few thousands a month to hire sanitary staff and gardeners for the residence of the father of the nation. He said today we are living in big houses and palaces and this is due to the great sacrifices of Quaid e Azam who gave this country to us.

He said the Sindh government could waste billions of rupees of the taxpayers’ money on politically motivated events like Sindh festival but it has no money to change the shabby flags of the Staff Flag House. He said this national museum is situated in the vicinity of the Chief Minister House, Governor House, Sindh Assembly and the Sindh Secretariat but the rulers seemed blind to see its deteriorated condition. He said this museum preserves the personal belongings of Quaid e Azam and a large number of local and foreign visitors including dignitaries come to visit it and get a very negative message about the performance of our government.

He said previous day the Indian Congress leader Anil Kumar Shastri visited the Mazar e Quaid and the Staff Flag House and I accompanied him. He said the Indian leader also expressed displeasure over the poor upkeep of the Staff Flag House and wrote about this in the guests’ book. He said that the administration excused that the government had tagged Rs5million for maintaining cleanliness and the upkeep of the museum but sadly this fund is yet to be released. He said this is nothing but the sheer negligence of the Sindh culture department.

PML-Q leaders Sheikh Iqbal, Javed Awan, Aneesuddin, Kashif Nizami, Amir Pathan, Essa Dombki and Saddam Kumbhar were also present.