Power load shedding worsens in Naundero

October 26, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: NAUNDERO: Instead of ending electricity load shedding in Naundero, WAPDA authorities have changed the power outages timings effective from Monday to suit the Shia community to perform their rituals which will aggravate the situation for those who have to prepare and go to their offices regularly in the morning.

The load shedding time is 10 hours out of 24, which prolongs to 12 hours during faults such as tripping, which also occur almost daily to hide their own misdeeds. The new timings which include 5 to 8 am, 12 to 2 pm, 5 to 8 pm and 12 to 2 am. This is the second time they have changed the timings within last 24 hours. The government servants and those performing their private duties have to leave their hometown during the morning hours and now they will have to change their daily schedule because they will not be able to get pressed clothes, will have to take bath with cold water stored in the water tanks instead of fresh water and travel on bikes while shivering. Journalists will have to file old stories instead of fresh because during peak time i-e 5 to 8pm there will be no power.

This will also increase security problems and criminals will be at liberty to commit crime during darkness. Putting power off for three long hours is an inhuman act, said a rice miller who do not want to be identified for making him target by the WAPDA officials. He said that their labour will not work during darkness or at night time.

This will deprive the mill owners of their right to earn. He said that Naundero grid station incharge is closing the power supply sometimes half an hour earlier than the schedule and sometimes 15 minutes which is not counted and he has never been taken to task. He demanded end to the load shedding or reduction in power outages timings to facilitate the people and those consumers who are regularly clearing their monthly bills. PPI.

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