PPP admonishes Sui Gas, federal government over PSM controversy

July 25, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Vice President of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian, Senator Sherry Rehman has expressed deep concern over the SSGC’s announcement of unilaterally stopping all gas inputs to Pakistan Steel mills, without any stakeholder consultation.

In a statement, the PPPP Vice President said, This one-sided and high handed behavior of SSGC towards Pakistan Steel Mills clearly reflects the federal government’s myopia and disregard for democratic norms and consultations. Cutting off gas supply to the Steel Mill without any plan, or public conversation about how to rationalize resources only demonstrates an attitude that ignores the problems faced by labor, as the mill employs more than16,000 people.

There are also millions whose livelihood is indirectly connected to the Pakistan Steel Mills, said Rehman, adding it should have been discussed transparently and constructively with at least the stakeholders.ŽNow it will have to go to the Council of Common Interests.

The Senator said that if due transparency with diligence is not adopted, then it will be said that the federal government has decided to bring Pakistan Steel Mills to a standstill so that its key allies may avail a chance to buy this strategic Žnational asset at throwaway prices.

I believe that the IMF has already been given assurances for this privatisation by December, which suggests that the SSGC’s move is a planned directive from the federal government. Already ailing from a stagnated production process due to low gas pressures, the mills’ production capacity will now be completely destroyed, setting it back three to four years, she said.