PPP observes Karsaz incident

October 17, 2015 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Pakistan People’s party is opposed to terrorism. It has always faced terrorists. PPP would never eliminate. It would emerge as much it would be suppressed.

These views were expressed by President PPP Balochistan Mohammad Sadiq Umrani while addressing Condolence meeting to observed Oct 18 Karsaz Incident here Sunday.

Provincial Secretary General Ayatullah Durrani, former federal minister Sardar Omar Gorgej, Syed Iqbal Shah, Ashraf Kakar, Azizullah Mengal, Munawwar Langav and others also addressed.

Former provincial minister Mohtarma Ghazala Gola, Parveen Mengal, Waqas Nadeem, Mustafa Rind and others were also present.

Sadiq said PPP is the largest democratic and revolutionary party of the country which preserved its existence and geography. Today’s parliamentary system and democracy is result of struggle of PPP workers. It long struggle since 1970. Conspiracies are being hatched against our party even today and we have been foiling them. Since its inception in 1970 hurdles were created in its way. Country was halved in 1970 and 90- thousand military men were made prisoners of war. Still Party came to power. At that time economic situation of the country was extremely bad. Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto made this country as power. Pakistan is the only Islamic state which is nuclear. We fully know to defend the country.

He said Zulfiqar Bhutto was killed by torture in jail and hanged simply to show the world he was executed.

Mohtarma Nusrat Bhutto assumed party leadership. Everyone knows how bitterly she was tortured at Multan Airport. Then arty leadership was assumed by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto at a convention held in Islamabad. The bravery and boldness she led the party is known to all.

At the Karsaz incident on October 18 eight years ago nearly three million people were present. BB asked us to leave her tuck and shift to vehicles behind perhaps she knew something was going to happen. She continued to lead the caravan. In the meanwhile a big explosion took place and the area was filled with dead bodies and parts of workers. Workers tried to save Mohtarma. Next morning she reached Lyari hospital for enquiring after the health of injured workers.

He said BB died in an attack. There was none so bold and brave as she was.

Sadiq Umrani said there are hurdled in our way and we know it. After 1977 it was said PPP would end but it emerged fully in 12988. Nawaz Sharif was given heavy mandate in 1990 and decisions were changed overnight. This situation must change or it will be dangerous.

We are defenders of borders fo this country. PPP workers are ready for it. Justice should be done with our party. He said elections in 2002 and 2013 were fake. Real awami leadership as kept out. He said PPP is opposed to terrorism and it faced terrorists. He said Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif were free but PPP was under threat. Both Imran and Nawaz were backing terrorists and drug mafia. They are least bother about stability of the country.

He said fake leadership has been brought in Balochistan. It has committed dacoity of people’s mandate. They should be punished. He said time is not away when again a plane will come from Saudi Arabia. Rulers are industrial rulers. They commit exploitation of workers and labourers. They have destroyed economy of the country. They claimed if load shedding was not ended in six months change our name. Sadiq asked they should change their name by them.

He said jialas of PPP would face them. Coming destitution is yours Jialas. We do not care for anything.

He said there is 50/50 formula in Balochistan. Balochistan would get nothing. He said it was BB which laid foundation stone of Uch Power Plant in 1994.

He said we would be happy Balochistan makes headway and peace prevails here. PPP has always spoke truth. Basis of present worst situation was laid in 1973 when Zulfiqar Bhutto asked nationalist leaders of Balochistan let us work for development of the country but they did not agree. He said we proudly claim we are largest flag carriers of democracy, defenders of Pakistan.

President PPP Balochistan said country’s economy’s mainstay is agriculture. There will be no water if there is no electricity. Agriculture would develop when there is electricity. Ours is canal fed area. For the last three years there is no agriculture policy. He asked provincial government for announcing its agriculture policy following 18 th amendment so that agriculture develops.

He said we demand of NAB to take action against corrupt people. He said Nationalist have captured different sites in the city.

He said government claimed we have introduced NTS for govt writ and good governance. We support this. We want peace and prosperity in Balochistan. We would face conspiracies against Part.

He gave message to party workers to speed up their struggle as only two years are left in general elections.

He paid tributes to martyrs of Karsaz incident martyrs. He said all the killers of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto are not alive but one and he is Pervez Musharraf.