President PPP Balochistan

December 16, 2015 Off By Web Desk

TAMBOO: Low pressure and load shedding is great excess with people of Balochistan despite the fact natural gas is obtained from Balochistan. Capture of natural resources by other provinces is regrettable. Corrupt mafia of SSGC should be removed and people of Balochistan should be provided gas to save them from dyeing.

This was stated by President PPP Balochistan Mohammad Sadiq Umrani while speaking with Newsmen at Umrani House Dera Murad Jamali Thursday.

Sadi Umrani said if process of excesses with people of Balochistan was not stopped people would take to streets for securing their rights and rulers with capitalist mentality would get worried for saving their rule.

He said people are worried in Quetta, Dera Murad Jamali and other areas due to low gas pressure and load shedding. Balochistan has been pushed to stone-age again. Women were forced to prepare food on firewood and other means giving birth to asthma and similar diseases.

Sadiq Umrani said if areas of Balochistan were not provided with gas during winter we would protest as people have topmost right over natural resources obtained in Balochistan and then others. No excess with people would be tolerated.