President PPP Balochistan speaks

July 20, 2015 Off By Web Desk

TAMBOO: Nation has to wage joint struggle to meet challenges it was facing. Rulers in office have staked national security and country and people are being deprived of rights of living even.

This was stated by President PPP Balochistan Mohammad Sadiq Umrani while speaking to political, social and tribal leaders who met him to greet Eid.

He said owing to wrong and faulty policies of the government majority of poor masses had been deprived of pleasures of eid owing to price hike. This is proof of government’s incompetence.

He said PPP’s politics hub was service to poor masses and providing them basic rights. Power is nothing for us. We have always struggled for poor and suppressed people for their rights and regional development. We have unbreakable relation with people. He aid poverty, backwardness and sense of deprivation is not fate of people. If service is made with sincerity of purpose and humanity solution to all problems is possible.

He said PPP would launch a protest movement against worst unemployment, price hike, lawlessness and electricity load shedding.