Price hike breaks all records to greet Ramazan

June 18, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The prices of daily-use commodities including atta, rice, meat, vegetables, fruits and milk has gone up in Holy month of Ramadan despite the tall claims made by government that often remain unfruitful for the poor people of Pakistan.

Whenever Ramadan comes in Pakistan, hoarders and profiteers start to loot consumers with both hands; however, no effective measures in this regard are even taken by the government.

Regrettably in this Ramadan too the government has not showed serious intention towards the welfare of poor masses and did not prepare any relief plan to control the prices of daily-use commodities. The rising prices of vegetables, meat, poultry, fruits, milk and other commodities have made miserable the life of common man. The local administration and price control authorities have failed to control high price and implement the government rate list in markets.

In Karachi tomatoes and onions are being sold at Rs100 per kilogram.

In Pakistan, 70% of population is living in rural areas where the price control does not exist. Another main issue of both rural and urban areas is long hours of power outage experienced by pubic even in this hot weather. People living in slum areas bear more than serve hours of regular load shedding besides several hours of outages even in night, which deprive poor people from sleep that is violation of basic human rights. People are worried as in this Ramzan it has already been hot weather.

The statement of Prime Minster of Pakistan Mohammad Nawaz Sharif regarding reducing the electricity’ load-shedding during Sehar and Aftar is appreciable but people deserving no load shedding at least in the holy month of Ramzan.

Markets in European countries offer special discounts on different products in the month of Ramadan for the Muslims but unfortunately we as Muslims cannot provide relief to Muslims in this holy month besides living in an Islamic republic.

K-Electric has announced its load-shedding plan that no load-shedding will be observed during the Sehar and Iftar times, but there are few people in Karachi that believe in the promises of KE. They consider the KE a tool of their perpetual mental torture and financial fleecing.

The government should play their due role to reduce the price hike in all markets of Sindh including the metropolis. It is dire need to bring new price control plan in the holy month of Ramadan as frustration could be reduced from the public.