Protective relay system must to avoid breakdowns

July 8, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Pasban Public Issues Committee Director Abu Baker Usman said on Thursday that government should take notice of K-Electric’s careless attitude towards public as the recent breakdowns in Karachi occurred only because of the lack of protective mechanism in the K-Electric.

He said K-Electric should use the protective relay system to avoid any breakdowns in the city. He demanded of the government to direct the K-Electric to install protective relay mechanism in their systems. He showed concerns over these sudden faults in the month of Ramazan that have tormented the electricity consumers of Karachi.

The Pasban leader said Ministry of Water and Power and Nepra seem non-serious in resolving the electricity-related issues of Karachities. He demanded of government to ensure the KE upgrades its system to avoid such faults in future.