Protestors in Islamabad are wasting time of the nation, Marvi

September 15, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Chairperson National Assembly’s Standing Committee for Information and Broad Casting in Marvi Memon has said that those protesting in Islamabad instead wasting time of the nation should come to parliament and resolve their issues through parliament.

Talking to media on Tuesday after addressing a function on launching report on “ Issue and Challenges of Displaced Persons of North Waziristan” published by Zalan Communication and Fata Research Centre, Marvi Memon said that this clean and clear that Prime Minister would not resign in any case therefore those protesting should now till the nation as what are their objectives.

She said that what the protestors have achieved in last thirty days and what they would achieve in future. “ Nawaz Sharif would not resign just for the hegemony of Imran Khan and we are ready to give them affidavit that PM is not going to resign in any case,” she said.

To a question about time frame of completion of Zarb-e-Azb operation in North Waziristan and return of IDPs she said time frame could not be given but work on strategy for the return of IDPs is in progress and damages would be assisted to compensate the tribal people for it.

Government , she said is wishing to restore all services in North Waziristan before return of IDPs so they would not face any problem and would live a peaceful life with prosperity.

To a question about attack on PTV she said that those who attacked PTV has been identified therefore those establishing her ling with attack needs to be admitted in Mental Hospital.

Earlier addressing the function she said that rehabilitation of all IDPs from Fata is government’s responsibility and government would fulfil this task. She said that its government’s promise to restore peace in Fata and develop Fata like other parts of Pakistan.

She said work is being continue on Fata Reforms Project and hopefully since deprivation of tribal people would be removed with the introduction of these reforms.

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