Punjab Govt. decides to install computerized Flood Warning System at Head Marala

July 13, 2015 Off By Web Desk

SIALKOT: The Punjab government has decided to install an advanced computerized Flood Warning System at Head Marala Barrage to ensure round-the-clock monitoring of flood situation in River Chenab, as there had been no flood warning system at Head Marala Barrage since its construction six decades ago.

According to senior officials of the Irrigation Department the early installation of this advanced flood warning system at River Chenab had now become vital. They added that this flood warning system , to be linked with satellite , would give the special flood warning 36 hours before the flood in River Chenab. They said that the Wapda, Federal Flood Control Authority , District Administration and Irrigation Department would be able to have joint round-the-clock monitoring of flood in River Chenab.

They said that the early flood warnings by this system, having automatic sirens, would also help the district administrations of Sialkot, Gujrat and other districts along the banks of River Chenab to save the areas along the banks of Chenab, besides, shifting the people and live stock to the safer places in a bid to avert the recurring flood threats,

The officials said that the River Chenab has a total length of 731 KMs while the total length of the dykes on Chenab is 1330 KMs.

Meanwhile, the Flood Control Authority has also directed the authorities concerned to make the anti flood fighting arrangements as more affective at Head Marala, Head Khanki, Head Qadirabad, Head Trimu and Head Punjnad to control and handle the flood situation there in River Chenab more effectively.