Railway workers demand revival of KCR

Karachi: Railway Workers Union chairman Manzoor Razi has asked the provincial and federal governments to earmark funds for revival of the mega project of Karachi, the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) on priority.

He said this very important public transport scheme of the mega city of Karachi has been in limbo for more than one decade. He said the provincial and federal governments are allocated billions of rupees every year for trivial schemes that only fetch commissions for corrupt elements, but this genuine public benefit scheme is continued to be ignored. He said the provincial government of Sindh had kept the KCR in its top priorities in last budget, but this year’s budget this priority is simply omitted.

He said the engineers, technicians and workers of Pakistan Railway are fully capable to revive the KCR without any foreign assistance or technology. He said the Pakistan Railway workers have been running trains on long routes from Karachi to Peshawar and making comparatively very short loop of KCR functional and running local trains on it is no issue for them. He said the main issue is the lack of political will for which millions of Karachi commuters are braving immense problems.

Razi said making KCR functional would provide cheap and efficient public transport to millions of Karachiites and greatly contribute in swift economic uplift of the city. He said the KCR would prove to be a reliable public transport mode in Karachi where public transport goes off road every now and then due to strikes, protests, mourning days and law and order situation. He requested the Sindh government to include the KCR revival in this year’s budget when passing it from the Sindh assembly.

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