Rally in Lyari: Confidence on leadership must for impregnable defence: Fowzia

September 5, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: An unwavering confidence of the masses on their national leadership is a must for the impregnable defence of the country, said Aafia Movement Convener Dr Fowzia Siddiqui, addressing a big Caravan e Ghairat rally staged by Lyariites here on Saturday.

She said the brave armed forces with the support of whole nation displayed a historic courage on the day of 6th September to convincingly defeat an enemy who was bigger in size and military resources. She said this display of courage and bravery has amazed the whole world. She said the leadership of that time created the aspirations and zeal for the defence of the country in the brave armed forces and whole nation.

She said the brave soldiers who fought for the nation and laid huge sacrifices are our heroes. She said the day of 6th September demands that the present national leadership should also feel its responsibility towards safeguarding the life, property and honour of its citizens with the same zeal and commitment as shown by the then leadership on the occasion of 19965 War.

She said we should not forget that besides huge successes this nation has also braved huge sufferings. She said one of the sad examples is the selling of the daughter of the nation, Dr Aafia Siddiqui, to the aliens for a few dollars and her so-called conviction of a long period on flimsy charges in a sham trial abroad. She said the Pakistani nation still awaits the release and repatriation of Dr Aafia and it is the responsibility of our rulers to play their due role in this regard.

She said safeguarding life, property and honour of every citizen it their legal and constitutional right. She said the national defence is closely linked to the national honour. She hoped that our brave security establishment would also play their full role in the release of Aafia. She prayed for the brave soldiers of Pakistan who are discharging the sacred duty of national defence with full responsibility and commitment.

However, Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor said that the day of 6th September 1965 is the symbol on unmatched national unity in the history of Pakistan, when the whole nation stood solider by soldier with their brave army and defeated the enemy. He said the patriotism of any nation depends on its leadership. He said a nation reposes confidence on their leaders when there is uphold of law and constitution in the country.

Paying rich tribute to the martyrs of Pakistan Army he said Pakistan Army has always played a heroic role wherever the nation and country has faced any challenge. He said the 6th September 1965 War is the living example of this valour and bravery. He said this year the whole nation has celebrated the golden jubilee of the 6th September with an unmatched zeal and fervour and it is given a new courage and confidence to every Pakistani.

Altaf Shakoor said there is still an uphill task to make impregnable the defence of the country. He said it also need to ensure uphold of law and constitution so that to ensure unity in our ranks and files. He said the whole nation stands with their brave army to defeat any enemy, especially India.

Altaf Shakoor said the Caravan e Ghairat rally is also a main event of the celebrations of the 6th September. He said no nation could defend itself without upholding its honour. He said the object of holding Aafia release rally is reminding the rulers of their legal and constitutional responsibilities.

Earlier, the Caravan e Ghairat Rally was staged by Aafia Movement Pakistan on the occasion of the Defence Day of Pakistan from Lee Market Lyari.

Speakers, addressing the rally, said without a strong feeling of national honour a proper national defence is not possible. They said the Pakistani nation has pinned high hopes on their brave General regarding the release of the daughter of the nation. They appealed that the daughter of the nation should be released and repatriated soon. They prayed for the unity and solidarity of the nation and country and its brave defenders. They also prayed that may our rulers should feel their responsibilities regarding the issues related to our national honour.