Release of Usman Moazzam demanded

July 19, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: The raid on the residence of Pasban e Pakistan General Secretary and his arrest along with his son is a conspiracy to deprive Karachi of an honest leadership, said Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor, addressing an emergency press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Monday.

He said on the second day of Eid, between the night of July 19 and 20, at about 1:45am a heavy contingent of rangers raided the house of Usman Moazzam in Federal B Area. They broke the door and entered the house without lady personnel and harassed womenfolk and later whisked away Usman Moazzam Siddiqui and his son Mohammad Siddiqui.

Altaf Shakoor said they have respected the law enforcing agencies and always supported them in their brave efforts to purge Karachi from criminal and terrorist elements. He said had the law enforcing agencies contacted Pasban they would have fully cooperated them and provided them any desired assistance; however, the manner in which Pasban leader and his son were whisked away is seriously questionable.

He said the Pasban has been struggling from the rights of poor masses of Pakistan including Karachi. It has always raised voice for rule of law and constitution. This party has also floated the idea of making Karachi a separate provincial administrative unit to solve the lingering problems of the city. He said they think they are being punished for raising voice for the Karachiites. He said they see it a bid to deprive the city of Karachi from a committed and honest leadership.

He said on June 11, the elder son of Usman Moazzam, Saad Siddiqui, was whisked away and he is still missing. In this regard a FIR 84/2015 has already been lodged with Samanabad police station and a petition filed in the Sindh High Court (SHC). He said Usman Moazzam is a respected citizen and he was candidate of Pasban in the by-polls on NA-246 Karachi.

Altaf Shakoor said Pasban is not a hidden or secret outfit, but a respected political party registered as per the law of land. It is working within the orbit of law and constitution to end the feudalism, VVIP culture corruption, injustice and politics based on petty vested interests. We want distribution of national resources equally and justifiably. This is why the Pasban has demanded creation of new provinces in the country and raised the demand for a Karachi province. To ensure uphold of law and constitution, Pasban challenged the military courts in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

He said if rangers or any other law enforcing agency want any information Pasban would fully cooperate, as it is a patriotic political party of Pakistan. He demanded that Usman Moazzam Siddiqui along with his both sons, Saad Siddiqui and Mohammad Siddiqui should be released at once and the basic rights of all citizens of Pakistan should be respected.

On the occasion, the wife of Usman Moazzam, Pasban central leaders Tariq Jameel, Eng Aftabuddin Qureshi, Abdul Hakim Quaid, Eng Zameer Ahmed, Tariq Chandi-walla, Jawad Iqbal Sheerazi and Shaikh Mohammad Shakeel were present.