Sadqa-e- Fitr fixed Rs.100 per head

Islamabad: The minimum amount of Sadqa-e-Fitr or Fitrana has been fixed at Rs100 per head this year.

Chairman, Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman announced that the amount had been calculated on the basis of the market price of 2.25kg of flour.

He said those who wanted to pay Fitrana equal to the price of barley, “Khajoor” dates and “Kishmish” should pay Rs 240, Rs 1,280 and Rs. 2560 respectively.

Mufti Muneeb also advised the people to pay the amount to the poor before Eid-ul-Fitr so that they could also celebrate the festival.

The most deserving people for Sadqa-e-Fitr are close relatives followed by neighbours and the poor, he said.

He said a Muslim must pay Sadqa-e-Fitr on behalf of himself, his wife, children and dependents.

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