Scholars eulogize services of noted poet Tanveer Abbasi

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KHAIRPUR: The 15th death anniversary of noted poet and scholar Dr Tanveer Abbasi was observed at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur on Wednesday. It was organized by Dr Tanveer Abbasi Corner of the University.

Prof Dr Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts, presided over the event, while Dr Ghulam Nabi Sadayo, noted poet and scholar, was the chief guest,

Prof Shah Mohammad Luhrani, Prof Monis Ayaz Shaikh, Barkat Balouch, Munwar Ali Mithiani, Deputy Comissioner, Khairpur and Ustad Rahi were the chief guests.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Khushk, said Dr Tanveer was the poet of beauty and truth and his study showed that he believed in enlightenment. He taught about tolerance and passion.

Prof Dr Ghulam Nabi Sadayo appreciated SALU efforts and said Dr Tanveer Abbasi provided literary environment in Khairpur. The establishment of Radio Pakistan, Sachal Academy and Sachal Yadgar Committee goes to his credit. He was a great intellectual and scholar.

Munwar Ali Mithiani, DC Khairpur said: “While preparing to appear in CSS, I thoroughly studied the work of Dr Tanveer Abbasi who was influenced by the personality of Ibn e Arbi, Shams Tabrez and Sachal Sarmast. He was against the extremism. He said poets and philosophers were the symbol of reformation and renaissance against the extremism.

Prof Dr Abdul Majeed Chandio said during his interaction within this University, we learnt a lot from Dr Tanveer. “He was philosopher and poet. After GM Syed, he possess a grip to understand about the philosophy of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. Tanveer was an institution and intellectual.”

Prof Monis Ayaz Shaikh said Dr Tanveer Abbasi served his life for the promotion of truth and tolerance. He was the follower of Hazrat Sachal Sarmast and Mansoor Hallaj. Tanveer believed for democratic norms and values in politics.

Prof Shah Mohammad Luhrani said that Tanveer Abbasi promoted the essence of nationalism and social awareness in the society. He was humanist and brave person.

Prof Barkat Balouch said Dr Tanveer Abbasi firmly believed in universalism. His work is the symbol of love and affection. Dr Mahar Khadim said his literary and research work was marvelous in Sindhi literature. Dr Tanveer introduced Hyko, a Japani Genre. He introduced new trends in research. He is called as William Wordsworth of Sindh. He donated his eyes to a blind girl. This gesture shows his love with humanity.

Abdul Ghafoor Soomro said Tanveer had affection with the music and he was well versed with Sufi and classical music. Ustad Rahi said Tanveer was the poet of modernity. His observation with science and Sufism was strong.

Sharif Shad Soomro said Dr Tanveer was the poet of criticism, who belonged to progressive mindset and fought against social disparity in the society.

Qurban Mangi said Tanveer Abbasi was multidimensional personality and was the pioneer member of the Sachal Yadgar Committee besides being a role model for youth.

Sajid Hussain Soomro, Incharge, Dr Tanveer Abbasi Corner welcomed the guests and said that the contribution of Dr Tanveer would be remembered in the history of Sindhi literature for a long span of time. He set out the objectives of the corner.

The proceedings of the event were conducted by renowned poet Amar Iqbal. Prof Dr Noor Shah Bukhari, Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah, Dr Noor Ahmed Shaikh, Dr Taj Mohammad Lashari, Ms Shahida Mangi, Prof Ghulam Mustafa Buledi and a large number of teachers, students and literary circle of the adjoining area attended the program.

Sufi musical event was also held. Abdul Ghafoor Soomro, Ustad Sharif Abbasi and Rajab Faqeer performed Sufi music and the poetry of legend poet Dr Tanveer Abbasi.

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