SCOPE teams up with PPAF, completes over 10 coastal development projects

October 19, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: “Under SCAD-Integrated Development Program, Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE) in collaboration with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) have completed more than 10 uplift projects along coastal areas of Thatta to bring socio-economic development,” CEO SCOPE Tanveer Arif told PPI at his office in Karachi.

“The projects include Lining of Irrigation Channel, Community Resource Person Project, Brick Pavement (Link Road) Project, Popcorn Machines Project, Solar Light Project, Flood Protection Bund, Digital Hub Project, Production Centre, LSOs, DWSS (Hand Pumps) Project and others. These projects have started giving positive impacts in the shape of increase in the livelihood of Thatta’s coastal community people, Tanveer further said.

According to the details of the SCOPE-PPAF projects, the Lining of Irrigation Channel Project with the cost of Rs 1,045,783 was completed in village Abbas Katiar, Union Council Buhara, Taluka Mirpur Sakro, district Thatta. The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) funded Rs 920,289 (88%) in the project, while community share was Rs 125,494 (12%) in it.

Under the CRP Project, SCOPE provided 120 goats and 180 hens to the inhabitants of the union council. A goat worth Rs 25000 per household was given away, while a hen with poultry feed was also provided per family.

Eighteen people, including women, were imparted training of trainers about livestock management. The SCOPE provided training of trainers to these people at its Mirpur Sakaro office. The participants were trained on how to care, grow and protect livestock (buffaloes, cows, goats, sheep, bulls etc).

Under Popcorn Project, the SCOPE provided 15 popcorn machines to unemployed people of Union Council Mehar free of cost, setting the stage for improved livelihoods of these people. Each person was given one popcorn machine. The SCOPE also mobilised them to wake up and earn livelihood with honour. The provision of popcorn machines have developed economic condition of the beneficiaries. With the PPAF-funded popcorn machines, the per family income has risen by Rs500 on daily basis, brining happiness among men, women and children. The beneficiaries have become food secure and are passing life with respect in the society. They have also become able to give education to their children with peace of mind.

Under Production Centre, SCOPE has provided various trainings to women folk in handicraft. SCOPE has created better livelihood resources to improve their living standard. Production Centre helps what products are selling in the market and what product is in demand in the market.

Flood Protection Bund Project with the cost of Rs 850,500 has been established to save crops from sea intrusion near Haji Ahmed Gulri village in Union Council Buhara. PPAF share in the project is Rs 765,450 while community share is 85,050. The people of the area have taken a sigh of relief because of this great uplift work. With this Bund, crops of people could be saved that will ensure food security to the people of the area. Flood Protection Bund will protect 5000 acres of land, out of which 1000 acres are cultivated. The villagers have become able to travel through Bund.

The Digital Hub established by SCOPE in collaboration with PPAF under SCAD-Integrated Development Program in Mirpur Sakro has proved to be a landmark achievement for the people of area. Over 4000 Community Organizations (Cos) members and other local people have started getting benefit from it. The Digital Hub provides Internet, photocopy, and CV making facilities to the people of Mehar and Buharo Union Councils at nominal rates.

The SOPE and PPAF have established brick pavement with the cost of Rs 1,099,783 in village Mohammad Sharif Bhander, union council Mehar, taluka Mirpur Sakro, district Thatta. The PPAF share in the project is Rs 989,805, while community shared Rs 109,978 in it. The project is providing transport facility to citizen.

Under LSO Project, Community Organizations (COs), Village Organizations (VOs) and LSO were formed at Mohalla, Deh and Union Council levels, respectively. The aim of these organizations is to mobilize people to own the social development projects, raise local issues to relevant authorities and get them resolved with peaceful manner.

The SCOPE has installed solar panels in houses of villages in Mehar and Buhara Union Council under SCAD Program to illuminate their houses and streets and rid them of thefts of their goods being committed under the cover of the darkness. The 18 solar panels have been installed in the houses to bring the villagers in the mainstream electrical era.

The SCOPE in collaboration with PPAF has provided hand pumps project worth Rs 531,629 to the people of Buhara Union Council in Taluka Mirpur Sakro free of cost. The PPAF share in the project is Rs 478,466, while local community shared Rs 53,163 in the project. The aid of hand pumps has ensured provision of clean drinking water to the inhabitants.