Scorching heat: Skin diseases on rise in Karachi

August 6, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Scorching heat and humidity have increased the skin diseases like miliaria rubra and fungal skin infections in Karachi city, and prevention and treatment of these skin problems primarily consists of avoiding extremeness of weather.

Senior Dermatologist, Institute of Skin Diseases Sindh (ISDS), Dr Qamar Iqbal Chandio talking to PPI said miliaria rubra and fungal skin infections cases are on the rise in Karachi city due to scorching heat and suffocation. He informed that good number of patients with these two diseases visits hospital on daily basis for treatment. He said miliaria rubra can cause great discomfort for patients.

He informed that prevention and treatment of miliaria primarily consists of controlling heat and humidity so that sweating is not stimulated. He said using separate towels, maintaining personal hygienic and taking proper food help to reduce the risk developing skin infections in hot weather.

Dr Qamar explained that people suffering from diabetes may face more severity and complication in case of having miliaria rubra and fungal skin infections in scorching heat. He stressed the need of proper control of diabetes to prevent these patients from skin diseases complications.

He said any kind of slackness in treatment might further complicate the skin infections. He warned the people to avoid applying homemade ointment and creams without consultation of skin specialists.

He informed that folliculitis is common skin disease among children in heat and suffocated weather. He said significant number children with folliculitis are being reported in OPD in hospital on daily basis. He said wearing light dresses and taking proper bath with cool water will help to decrease the extremeness of weather.

Replying a question regarding the skin problems being faced by people with sensitive skin, Dr Chandio said some clothes, colours, perfume, chemicals and locations might causes skin infections in people with sensitive skin. He advised the sensitive skin people to avoid products which irritate and discomfort your skin.

He said ratio of skin diseases prevalence in women and men was same but the children were most vulnerable of these diseases due to their weak immune system. He said increasing awareness and education can play a important role in society as number of patients has been increasing day by day.

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