SEARCH marks World Environment Day: Sea level rise will bring more cyclones, stormy rains: moot told

HYDERABAD: To mark World Environment Day 2014, Society for Environmental Actions, Re-Construction and Humanitarian (SEARCH) response Pakistan held a meeting at its office here on Thursday, which was attended by representatives of different civil society organization.

Addressing the meeting, SEARCH Pakistan Executive Director Waheed Jamali said that concern was being shown over the rising sea level in the world because the change in the natural level of oceans had become a critical problem, which could more cause cyclones and stormy rains.

“It has been observed that human activities and disposing off sewerage, medical waste and industrial effluent has badly affected sea life and if such discharge of waste is continued, a time will come when sea life will be no more, hence, there is dire need to take actions to stop such anti-nature attitude,” Jamali said.

He said that oceans have been eroding coastal areas due rise in their levels as a result agriculture land, water sources, forests and other precious assets are being destroyed. He said that the world sea level had risen from 4 to 8 inches during the last century. “The sea level rises by 0.13 inches annually, which is very dangerous for humanity and nature,” Jamali said.

Director Sindh Development Society Ghaffar Malik said that the sea level rise was not a new thing as it has been happening since long time. He stressed the need to stop rise in sea level.

Regional Manager Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum Suhail Siddiqui said : “World temperature rise in the environment is called global warming which is happening due to rise in emergences of some gases. “

Indus Future Foundation Director Asghar Leghari said that every year 6.6 billion metric tons of fossil fuel is burning across the world in which 70 is burnt by industrialized countries, causing environmental degradation. “The US contributes 32.2 fossil fuel burning, while West Europe has 26.1 percent contribution in this regard, and it also contributes 16.6 percent of total carbon dioxide in world environment,” he informed.

Sindhi Hari Porhiyat Council President Punhal Sario said that the environmental degradation could not be reduced till encouraging environment-friendly activities. He said that water supply from Indus River to Sindh Delta has been stopped by building dams and banks, while natural and beautiful forests across Pakistan has been hacked ruthlessly.

He said that a city, bigger than Karachi is being established in Thatta district that would contain big industrial zoon that would emit massive carbon dioxide and other gases due to burning of fossil fuel. “Such industries will not only destroy atmosphere but also cause discharged of industrial waste directly into the sea,” he said.

The meeting was also attended by HRCP Coordinator Dr Ashu Tama, Sindh Community Foundation Director Javed Sozhalari and Abbas Khoso.

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