SHC adjourns 41 proxy prisoners in Sindh jails case

October 7, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday adjourned the hearing of a petition filed Ansar Burney Trust seeking release of ‘fake prisoners’ who have been jailed in place of real inmates.

SHC bench headed by Justice Sajjad Ali Shah was hearing the petition filed by the in-charge of trust, Shagufta Burney, who submitted that interior secretary informed the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that 41 real inmates in different jails of the province have been replaced by the fake prisoners.

On Thursday’s hearing AAG sought time to examine and ensure the presence of officer concerned in order to resolve the identity dispute through a modality whereby bio-metric tests at police station level are under taken. The court while accepting the AAG’s request adjourned the hearing till 4th November.

According to the petitioner, there are 41 innocent prisoners held in different jails of Sindh instead of their genuine prisoners. The real inmates, who are at large, are destroying the peace in society.

PM Sharif was informed about this scam when he was on visit of Karachi to review the law and order situation. He was told that during NADRA verification in jails 41 proxy prisoners were found in place of real culprits who are living freely.

Citing principal secretary of Prime Minister, Interior ministry, Chairman NADRA, Sindh’s chief secretary, home secretary; minister and IG for jail as respondents, the petitioner requested the court to order formation of high profile commission to probe this matter.

The court was also requested to direct the respondents to collect compile data of all the prisoners so such incidents cannot be happened in the future.

According to Ansar Burney Trust International, convicted inmates were also included those who are at large.

It said one Ali Hyder was jailed in place of convicted prisoner Ghulam Sarwar and Masood Alam in place of convict Mohammad Shamim.

Other prisoner includes, Shan Mohammad in place of Sultan, Wahid Bux in place of Shahzad, Abdul Qadir in place of Abdullah, Mohammad Naeem in place of Zaheer, Ramzan Ali in place of Kamran, Mohammad Shahid Nawaz in place of Tabassum alias Tassu, Abdul Khaliq in place of Babul, Abdul Ghafoor in place of Abdul Rasheed alias Abdullah, Ali Mardan in place of Shoaib Ali alias Munna, Nazeer in place of Shaukat, Amir Shamim in place of Danish.

The proxy prisoners included Dil Mohammad in place of Din Mohammad alias Sheena, Umar Razaq in place of Habibullah, Imran in place of Kamran alias Kami, Tahir Shah in place of Talib Shah, Ramzan in place of Akram. Abdul Rehman in place of Taufeeq, Afaq Hussain in place of Imtiaz Hussain, Syed Mohammad Farhan in place of Mohammad Farman and Mohammad Aasar in place of Sajid, Mohammad Asif in place of Shaukat, Nazeer Ali in place of Nadar Ali, Gul Badshah in place of Mohammad Anwar Khan, Mohammad Shahid in place of Mohammad Suhail, Basheer in place of Shabeer.

They also included Siddique Baba in place of Ahmed Butt, Syed Mohammad Saleem in place of Syed Muslim Shah alias Khan, Saleem Khan in place of Ismail Khan, Babar Hussain in place of Shabeer Hussain, Hakim Ali in place Qasim alias Aqib, Muneer Ali in place Raja, Arif in place of Asif, Intizar Ali in place of Khizar Hayat, Robert Sardar in place of Dobat, Mohammad Zohaib in place of Mohammad Shoaib, Mohammad Ghaffar in place of Shair Dad, Munaf in place of Manan, Humair Qureshi in place of Mohammad Umair.