SHC issues notice on petition against VIP Culture

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday admitted the constitutional petition of Ansar Burney Trust International against VIP culture and issued notice to the Federation of Pakistan.

The double bench comprising Chief Justice Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and Justice Anwar Hussain heard the petition filed by the Ansar Burney Trust through its Director Shagufta Burney and Manager Mohammed Danish Ali against the VIP culture, VIP protocol, closer of roads and public places and it’s their effects on general public. The court issued notices to the government.

Ansar Burney Trust International Chairman, Ansar mentioned in his petition that his Trust is not against the security provided to officials facing life threats but is aimed at resolving the lethal effects of such VIP culture which is over-defensive in approach and obstructive in nature as the VIP move around the masses with highly equipped bullet and bomb proof convoy escorted by heavy security of armed constables and commandos, due to which public convenience is routinely sacrificed. Burney stated in the petition that the unnecessary blockade of roads is unlawful as traffic is made to be remain as a resultant, ambulances carrying suffering patients are stuck up, and of course, a number of people could not keep their appointments.