Sindh assembly passes govt’s amendment in resolution of opposition member

Karachi: Sindh Assembly here Tuesday passed an amendment of the sitting minister in a resolution of an opposition member, while rejecting the original resolution of that lawmaker, amid uproar of the opposition benches.

According to the details, on the Private Members’ Day, PTI member Khurram Sher Zaman tabled a private resolution to take immediate notice of the long standing delay in the two ongoing water supply schemes of Karachi city of 165 million gallons of water. However, the senior minister for finance Syed Murad Ali insisted that the government side would only support the resolution provided the mover substitutes the words of long standing delay with “Expedite” and also add that this House recognizes the steps taken for the government.

However, the mover refused to add the words of this House recognize the steps of the government, but he accepted to substitute the words of long standing delay with “Expedite”. The opposition members protested on the insistence of the minister to get the steps of the government recognized by the House. The opposition leader, Khawaja Izharul Hassan said why the government wanted a ‘gold medal’ from the House. The opposition members said it was a private members day and why a sitting minister was insisting to amend the resolution of a private member. They said if the government is so hungry of self-praise it should table its own resolution in its own praise.

The mover said that he wants that the lingering problem of water in Karachi be resolved and he is not concerned if the government want self-praise for it. He said he is ready to amend the resolution, but he would not recognize the step of the government. However, the government side pressed for the inclusion of the words “words of long standing delay with “Expedite”. They rejected the original resolution of Khurram Sher Zaman and instead passed the sitting minister’s amendment with the self-praising words. On this the whole opposition protested strongly. They protested before the dice o speaker, raised slogans and tore down the copied of the agenda. Their protest compelled the speaker to adjourn the sitting amid grave disorder.

Earlier speaking on the resolution, Khwaja Izharul Hassan corruption of billions of rupees was involved in the scam of water hydrants. He asked the government to resolve the lingering issue of water before commencing of this summer as acute water shortage could result in law and order issue.