Sindh Cabinet decides to accelerate targeted operation

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KARACHI: The Sindh Cabinet in its meeting chaired by Chief Minister Sind Syed Qaim Ali Shah at CM House Karachi on Tuesday expressed satisfaction over the achievements accomplished by Sindh Police and Rangers under the targeted operation against the extremists, targeted killers, extortionists and kidnappers for ransom in the Karachi and decided further to expedite the action against criminals with full force.

The Cabinet satisfied with the security plan of Sindh Police under which whole Karachi has been divided into three zones and each zone has been equipped with zonal quick response force. The Cabinet decided and directed the higher authority of Sindh Police for early purchase of bullet proof vests/ helmets and vehicles for which funds have already been provided to them.

The Cabinet directed for early implementation on safe & secure housing schemes for police personnel at or near the police stations. The Cabinet decided for further strengthening the check posts at all entry and exist points in the province on the roads and railway stations to avoid any possible entry of terrorists in the province. It decided for recruitment of more 10,0000 corps in Sindh Police this year 2014-15 and providing latest training to them from the Pak Army officers. The Cabinet also decided to enhance the security at all sensitive installations, markets, offices, complexes and main public places.

It recommended the judiciary for making all approved ATC Courts as functional and directed Provincial Ministry of law for making prosecution wing as stronger to ensure convictions to criminals. While discussing on the celebration of the Independence Day of Pakistan, the Cabinet decided to constitute five members committee headed by Senior Sindh Minister for Education Nisar Ahmed Khuhro with Sindh Minister for Local Government and Information Sharjeel Memon, Sindh Minister for Youth Affairs Faisal Subzwari, Advisor to CM for Culture Sharmila Farooqi, as member and Provincial Secretary Inamullah Dharejo as Secretary to chalk out the detailed program for celebrating the Independence Day with befitting manner.

Addressing the meeting, Chief Minister Sind Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that since Sindh was pioneer province of Pakistan and since Sindh government was being run by a patriotic and democratic PPP, the Independence Day of Pakistan would be celebrated with full national enthusiasm and fervour in whole province.

While discussing on the law & order situation, the Chief Minister Sindh said that despite the difficulties because of geo-political and insurgency condition in upper country, the law & order in whole province, including Karachi, has remained under control and Sindh Police and Rangers had made remarkable achievements in this regards.

Lauding the services and sacrifices being rendered by Pak Army at the border and Zarb-e-Azb operation, the Chief Minister Sind said that the day was not away when all terrorists would be completely eliminated from the surface the Pakistan.

He said that Sindh government has taken bold & matchless steps likewise legislation for witness protection Act, increasing the number of Anti-Terrorist Courts, encouraging, increasing strength and well equipping the Sindh Police to fight with terrorism and make the Sindh as peace full province. The Chief Minister Sindh directed the higher authority of Sindh Police to purchase their latest equipments, bullet proof jackets/ helmets, as soon as possible to avoid possible losses of lives of the force.

He directed the police officers also to fully concentrate on the all entry and exit points of the province and enhance the capacity building of the check posts there and ensure that no any terrorist could enter in the province in the guise of IDPs.

Advisor to Chief Minister for Finance Syed Murad Ali Shah while briefing the meeting said that as against 195,436 Punjab Police force, we have 130,741 personnel in Sindh Province but when we to look into the budget wise per capita expenditures, statistically it would be proved that Sindh government was spending more on the Sind police as compared to Punjab regime expenditure on its police.

The Advisor claimed that the salaries, allowances and perks being provided to police personnel working in sensitive police stations in Karachi were not been provided to the police anywhere in Pakistan. However, he said that any reasonable scheme for the encouragement of the Sindh Police would be welcomed.

Acting IG Sindh Police Ghulam Hyder Jamali while briefing the meeting about the crime situation in the Sindh province as whole said that as against 1501 murder cases reported in 2013, only 518 were reported during the 2014, similarly, as compare to 548 extortionist cases in 2013 only, 302 cases reported in 2014, likewise as against 35 cases of terrorism in 2013, 32 cases reported in 2014 while as against 113 cases of kidnapping for ransom only 61 cases have been reported in 2014 till date.

He said that between 01-01-2014 to 04-08-2014, as many as 2091 encounters with criminals were held in which, 67 terrorists killed and 32 arrested, 266 dacoits killed and 6937 arrested, 17 kidnappers killed and 55 arrested, 04 extortionists killed 166 arrested, 3178 Pos and 17395 absconders arrested in addition to that 1865 criminals arrested red-handed and 689 gangs busted.

The IG Sindh Police further told that during this period 514 kg explosive material, 08 IEDs, 15 bombs, 16 RPG- 07 rockets, 11 suicidal jackets, 334 hand grenades, 41 rifles grenades, 05 G-3, 253 SMGs (Kalashnikovs ), 983 rifles, 6267 pistols have been recovered from the criminals. He said that during the last Ramazan-ul-Mubarik month 58 dacoits, 24 terrorists, 06 kidnappers, 02 extortionists were killed and 37 kidnapees were recovered from the kidnappers.

The Acting Inspector General of Sindh Police briefed the meeting about the criminals data provided by the CPLC Karachi during the month of Ramazan 2014 and compared the same the month of Ramazan 2013. According to report of CPLC he said that as compare to 178 murders had reported in month of Ramazan 2013, as many as 111 murder cases have been reported in 2014 that reflects decline of 38% in this crime. Similarly, as against 25 cases of kidnapping for ransom in 2013, only 03 have been reported in the month of Ramazan 2014, declined 88% in this crime. He said that as against 115 extortion cases in 2013 only 77 cases registered this year, showing 33% decline. As against 04 bank dacoities in reported period in last year, no such case happened this year showing 100% decline in this head of crime. Likewise against 48 robbery cases in them month of Ramazan 2013, only 09 cases reported this year that reflecting 81% decline in this crime head.

He said that Karachi has been divided in 03 zones and each zone has been equipped with quick response force. He said that most of the murders are being happened due to old personnel enmity and rival groups, ethnicity, sectarian and factional infighting. He said that security has been enhanced at all sensitive installations. All the cabinet members attended the meeting.

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