Sindh govt asked to avoid new burden on taxpayers

KARACHI: Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Thursday proposed Sindh government to avoid any new tax on the existing taxpayers in the provincial budget.

In a statement, President Federation of FPCCI Zakaria Usman said that they had given concrete budget proposals to the Sindh government for incorporation in the provincial budget.

“FPCCI is doing its efforts for the betterment of the economy and endeavor to cooperate and work together with the government to shape the future of Pakistan and put it on the right path of progress and prosperity”

He said that Sindh government should emphasize on non-tax revenues through collection of user charges and fee. “The task of the collection of non-tax revenues should be outsourced on annual contract basis. The provincial government should avoid any new tax on the existing tax payers,” he added.

The President FPCCI highlighted the agriculture sector which shares 20% in national GDP but contribute less than 1% to the exchequer. He further stated that it was a great misunderstanding that this tax would be collected by poor farmers but we were of the view that all high income earners should pay the taxes.

Usman further said: “Our most important proposal is to bring down GST in single digit. We emphasized that reduced rate of GST will enhance the economic activities in the country and consequently tax revenue will also increased.”

He suggested that the stamp duty on purchase order should be immediately withdrawn as it was a tax on instruments and not on transaction.

As far as the education and health services are concerned, the President FPCCI suggested that to provide good mechanism of transparency and accountability, the private sector should be involved in all education and health related projects, commissions, committees and policy related boards.

“Unfortunately, high cost budget on education and health is not being reflected in the quality of services due to corruption,” he added.

He said that like other provinces the ownership title of land in Sindh province should also be maintained. “It is very unfortunate that investors and entrepreneurs face hardships to get transfer of ownership of land in Sindh,” he concluded.

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