Sindh govt hospitals lack maxillofacial, vascular surgery facilities

September 8, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Major hospitals being run by Sindh government do not have the facilities of maxillofacial surgery and vascular surgery, compelling patients to get treatment from private hospitals on very high rates.

A senior official of Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) on condition of anonymity said maxillofacial surgery and vascular surgery units had been closed by the administration in the hospitals including CHK due to shortage of qualified surgeons to run these units.

He said patients requiring vascular surgery and maxillofacial surgery are routinely referred to the private hospitals, where these surgical procedures are very costly.

Sources said the head of vascular surgery ward at CHK, Prof Dr Sohail went on a long leave about two years ago and the CHK administration failed to arrange another specialist doctor for this important surgery ward. Later, the administration closed down this ward, on the pretext that the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) failed to provide them alternate professor to run the vascular surgery ward.

They said similarly 22-bed maxillofacial surgery unit of CHK was also closed down after the in-charge of department Dr Shakir joined a dental college, being run by a private hospital. The administration later due to shortage of qualified doctors limited the unit into a 4-bed ward and patients are being asked to get treatment from private hospitals. However, the maxillofacial surgery is a very costly procedure in private hospitals.

60 million population of Sindh province is deprived of from vascular and maxillofacial surgery facilities in the government run healthcares, with no choice for patients but to visit private hospitals.

The sources said in case of delay in vascular surgery patients have to face limb amputation and other disabilities if they fail to arrange money to pay huge fees of private hospitals. Similarly, maxillofacial surgery is needed to treat many diseases, injuries and defects in the jaws, teeth, hard and soft tissues of facial area.

Medical Superintendent (MS) of CHK Prof Mohammad Saeed Qureshi was not available for comment.

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