Sindh govt mulls to initiate KCR project

August 11, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Managing Director Karachi Urban Transport Corporation (KUTC) Shamim Ahmed Sherazi said on Tuesday that Sindh government was mulling to take initiative to start Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) project through indigenous resources and finance if Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) take more time to respond.

However, while talking to PPI news agency, he also ruled out the rumours of JICA’s retreating from the project and said that such rumours could not balk the project as JICA was fully committed and we are in contact with them.

“The expected arrival of the delegation of JICA was hindered because of unsound political situation in the country. Then, we had had two high-level video-call meetings recently in Islamabad, which were attended by JICA’s Islamabad officials, officials of federal government, Sindh government, finance ministry and other stakeholders,” Sherazi said.

He said the minutes that were presented to JICA in the meeting included three suggestions regarding compensation to be given to the encroachers on the project land. First proposal was house and money, second only money and third money and plot. JICA’s approval is awaited on the minutes.

However, sources told PPI that according to international law it was not permitted to remove encroached houses by force that was why JICA (which is a Japanese government-associated organization) was reluctant on this issue. More than 80-feet-wide corridor was needed for the project which would be spread over 43-km distance in the city.

The managing director said Sindh government was pondering to erect walls along the track and remove encroachments at its own expense as an initiative.

He said all the stakeholders including, provincial government, federal government and city administration had a consensus regarding the project and wanted to get the project started as soon as possible; however, it was also a fact that such a big project could not be completed overnight.

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