Sindh needs early completion of Gorakh

July 14, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The ambitious plan of the Sindh government to give this province a hill station need accelerated pace of development work as the province badly needed a hill station worth its salt.

Gorakh, the Murree of Sindh is the hilly recreational site located at a height of 5,688 feet in the Kirthar Mountains Range and spread over 2,500 acres. It is beautiful place with moderate temperate temperature. Due to its elevation, the site offers a special climate, with sub-zero temperatures during winter and generally below 20 °C in summer, with about 120 mm of average annual rainfall.

The Government of Sindh is in the process of constructing a new road from Dadu to Gorakh Hill. There is a new rest house for visitors on the hill. Tourists can arrange their own transport from Sehwan Sharif to the hill station. However, it needs a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach the Gorakh hill station and this travel is more of an expedition than tourism. It needs improving not only the present road but also to build a new road approach to the hill top suitable for ordinary coasters and vehicles, and hiring a four-wheel drive vehicle for tourism is a very costly affair, not affordable for common man.

Gorakh also needs a sustainable water supply, urgent repairs of broken roads and bridges and better lodging and boarding facilities for tourists.

This hill station has a great scope to be centre of standard boarding schools and colleges like Abbottabad, but it needs a vision and commitment that is not presently found in ruling circles of Sindh province.

However, if the government of Sindh manages to improve the pace of development work at Gorakh it would earn a lot of revenue after this Murree of Sindh is fully developed and in position to attract thousands of tourists daily like the Murree Hills.

For a rapid development of Gorakh it is desired that the government of Sindh should declare it as the summer capital of Sindh province and erect necessary infrastructure needed for a summer capital city.