Sindh Nursing Examination Board starts issuing certificates

October 14, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Sindh Nursing Examination Board administration has started issuing pending diplomas and certificates to nursing students, it was learned on Thursday.

Sources at Sindh Nursing Examination Board on condition of anonymity said the Board started issuing pending nursing certificates and diplomas to students which was delayed due to various reasons. The nursing students are being advised to contact with the Board for their diplomas and certificates.

Earlier, diplomas and certificates of hundreds of male and female students had been stopped as post of director and deputy directors had remained vacant for several months. The nursing students belonging to interior of Sindh had faced great difficulties due to such delay.

The students, who applied for jobs in public and private sector hospitals, had to face hardships over non-issuance of their diploma certificates as they were regularly visiting the Directorate of Nursing since last several months.

Controller Sindh Nursing Examination Board Khair-un-Nisa said nursing board had started issuing diplomas and certificates to students. She advised the students to contact with examination board in this regard.