Sirajul Haq speaks

September 7, 2015 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Jamaat Islami desires to establish a system in the country where both rich and poor enjoy balanced human social Islamic rights. It is a ideological Islamic party.

This was stated by Amir Jamaat Islami Senator Sirajul Haq while addressing a ceremony at Satellite town here Tuesday. People announced to join Jamaat Islami t the ceremony.

Amir JI Balochistan Abdul Mateen Akhundzada, Naib Amir Abdul Haq Hashmi and others were also present.

Welcoming new comers to party Sirajul Haq said we congratulate them in the party. Joining o party by able and skilful people is good sign. Unfortunately he added several parties have become ills. We are proud of real Islamic and democratic party. Other parties were joking with the people in the name of democracy. Doors of Jamaat are open to everyone. We want to make Pakistan Islamic and Balochistan to give its constitutional economic rights and make it prosperous. Balochistan has got importance owing to Gwadar but rulers if did not give rights to the province it would be a big mistake. Whole of the country was benefitting from gas of Balochistan but people of this province were in bad condition and youth unemployed and suffering form sense of deprivation. People of Balochistan must be given their rights. When there is oppression there will no justice he added.