Slow-moving vehicles cause traffic jams, accidents

March 6, 2016 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Slow moving traffic, including donkey-carts, horse-carts and small vehicles transporting heavy construction material in the metropolis, has posed grave danger to speeding vehicles and pedestrians as majority of city’s roads lack separate lanes for slow moving vehicles and proper lane marking.

The increasing number of these slow moving vehicles in the mega-city is also causing traffic jams everywhere including MA Jinnah, University Road, Shara-e-Faisal, Tariq Road, Sadar and Burns Road.

Majority of slow moving vehicles are being run in middle of roads obstructing speedy vehicles and resulting in accidents on daily basis in the city. There is dire need to ban the entry of such slow moving traffic in the busy areas and roads. There should be ban particularly on those donkey-carts that carry heavy material as well as the donkey carts used for selling vegetables and fruits in different areas of the city.

The main reason behind hiring of these carts is because they are cost-saving and they do not depend on fuel consumption. It has been observed that these vehicles carry construction material including iron bars in very dangerous manner and without displaying any alert sign for other speeding vehicles.

Citizens say the government should restrict entry of such slow moving traffic in the busiest areas of the city and stop them from plying on main roads in the city. A PhD student, Sahir Odhano, said that other parts of the world, the donkey carts and horse-carts are only allowed on busy streets but in Karachi they openly ply everywhere, violating traffic laws.

Karachi Traffic Police spokesman said that there is no any traffic law to challan the donkey-carts or horse-carts; however, in case of obstructing traffic on any road, the traffic police have right to challan them. He said whenever they take action against such vehicles, the civil society start criticizing traffic police and show sympathy to the owners of such vehicles.