SM Munir sees Rs 13 billion corruption

November 17, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The Chairman, Trade Development Authority (TDA) and United Business Group, SM Muneer, has said that Rs 13 billion corruption was committed before them due to which some of the former heads are busy in seeking bails, but they (we) had brought the corruption to zero. He said all traders will have to file their income tax returns as if they paid tax, country will develop.

He said that he had never obtained salary from TDA nor had sought its perks or privileges. He was addressing a ceremony organized in honour of noted businessmen of the country here late last night by well known trader and businessman, Mumtaz Shaikh of Larkana Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI).

Muneer said that he was acting like a bridge between businessmen and the government adding that big and small business community is divided over withholding tax issue, but “I promise you to get it’s rate reduced”.

He asked the rice traders to send him detailed report about PASSCO and assured the participants to take up the matter to federal government. The noted business icon undertook that representatives of LCCI will be included in the foreign trade tours in future.

FPCCI President Mohammad Idrees disclosed that within next four days new package will be issued over withholding tax issue for which they took great efforts right from the beginning adding that it will be reduced from 0.6% to 0.2%. Mian Idrees said everyone must pay tax and urged the community to play its due role. He said FPCCI is the largest forum of trading community which gets issues resolved collectively with the help of government and if it is not respected nobody will respect the traders.

FPCCI Vice President Abdul Rahim Jano said that two representatives of Larkana division shall henceforth be included in the rice export delegation adding that old culture of federation has now been changed and commitments made by them during election campaign are to be fulfilled. LCCI president Aslam Shaikh said that rice prices have gone down internationally and it has also badly affected the local market due to which paddy price has gone down to Rs:700/- per 40 kg adding that if this continued to prevail then poverty & hunger will further increase in the province specially paddy producing areas. He urged the business tycoons to pressurize the federal government to open PASSCO procurement centers immediately for which rate of Rs:1100/- be fixed. Aslam said that foreign countries provide subsidy to paddy growers but our government is ignoring them which is astonishing.